Other treatments

During your stay you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of extra relaxing treatments that you may arrange during your days in Mallorca.

We advise you to wait until your recovery period has started and then decide together with your medical team what suits you best.


XTRM® is a our own brand for non surgical rejuvetation products and procedures.

Our own mesotherapy formula includes those active principles that we have not found in the pre made market proiducts and we have proven to be highly efficient towards a more intense and regenerative effects in your skin.

We believe in mesotherapy properly done. This implies a non bleedy, little uncomfortable, consistent way of inyection and choosing what we think are the best active principles for your skin.

In order to get a non bleedy, little uncomfortable, consistent way of inyection we have invested our resources in what we have reseached as the best ultrafast meso gun in the world.

Our XTRM® meso products have been specifically thought to potentiate your skin quality to the maximum. We have our own formulated brand as well as our XTRM® BIOmeso with a regenerative power obtained form your own body, natural, without aditives unlike PRP, and more concetrated than PRP in order to keep your skin regeneration to a maximum level.

Your hair can also be treated with our XTRM® hair and XTRM®BIOhair 

We will indicate the frequency of treatment of XTRM® meso.  We have different treatment plans that can be beneficial to you.

Post surgical massage

After a surgical procedure the tissues change their normal condition. In order to accelerate tissue recovery it´s important to apply certain kind of massage and manipulation. Ruth Albrecht is an Officially trained massagist in Germany. She has beed living in Mallorca for over 20 years. She is specialised in post surgical therapy and can help you with accelerating your recovery and improve the surgical outcome of your procedure.

Non Surgical procedures
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Surgery Result Digital Simulation

The plasttic surgery results produced by our graphic simulation system offer the ideal  scenario to discuss in depth about your results expectations. This technology in the hands of your surgeon will help you to visualise the likely outcome of your surgery. The aim of the simulation is to show the patient the different outcome possibilities and discuss with the patient the real expectation of the operation. It also helps the surgeon to understand your desires.

The The virtual images are particularly useful in the assesment of rhinoplasty, plastic surgery of the chin, plastic surgery of the eyelids, liposuction, facelift, breast enlargement, lip augmentation and anti- wrinkle- treatment.

Virtual simulation should be performed exclusively by the surgeon who will undertake  your operation after having taken you medical history and performed you medical examination. Third party involved are likely to over or understimate the results and lead you to confusion and desilusion in your results.