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Mallorca Medical Group does not arrange flights (except for particular offer conditions). You must book through your travel agent or directly with the airline. Mallorca Medical Group will gladly confirm beforehand your surgery and accomodation dates and we will provisionally hold this for you until you have booked your flights. You may amend these arrangements free of charge until such time as the booking is confirmed and a Booking Confirmation for your surgery and/or accommodation has been issued by Mallorca Medical Group. Airfares are cheap in general from 40 to 150 pounds return. They are vary depending upon the time of the year and how far in advance you book your flight. This makes it easy to make the decision at the time of jumping over to Majorca for your treatment and follow up using this as an excuse for a little enjoyable unique break alone or with a friend. We would suggest as the simple method to book your flight, to shop around 3 or 4 internet based travel brokers so you have an idea of the prices at that moment. In order to search for your flight use PMI (Palma de Mallorca International) or Majorca which is the English name for Mallorca. Below is a guide only (subject to change at any time) with details of some internet based travel brokers and airlines serving Mallorca International Airport.

The short and easily accessible distance in low cost airlines, make to have your treatment in Majorca EASIER, SAFER, MORE COMFORTABLE and CHEAPER than travelling in your car within your own country, avoiding traffic jams and hassle. Within a couple of hours you will in Mallorca making this accessibility the most covenient location to travel from most of the European Countries. Basically a Door to door treatment.

From To
Estimated Flight duration

Barcelona Palma de Mallorca
40 min.
Madrid Palma de Mallorca
1 h.
Rome Palma de Mallorca
1 h :15 min
Brussels Palma de Mallorca
1 h: 46 min
London Palma de Mallorca
2 h: 03 min
Berlin Palma de Mallorca
2 h: 13 min
Moscow Barcelona
3 h: 41 min
New York Madrid
7 h: 07 min

AT HOME 1. Call free via SKYPE, fill in the Enquiry form or dial 00 34 945 467 393: You will receive some basic information 2. Booking form and Payment (see terms and conditions) IN MALLORCA 1. Arrival to Palma de Mallorca International Airport 2. Transportation to your accommodation 3. Preoperative tests and Consultation with your Plastic Surgeon payment of the remaining fee 4. You will be collected at your hotel and driven to your hospital accommodation to have your surgery 5. Surgery day 6. Follow up visits during your hospital stay by your plastic surgeon. 7. Discharge and arrangement of future follow ups before you are taken to your recovery accommodation 8. You will be having a check up before you fly back and given the instructions to follow BACK HOME: Long term follow up, we offer you an open follow up system whereby you can contact us FREE (Skype) at any time with ANY questions you may have, you can send us your pictures from your own home (see how to make the pictures) and call us free with your comments. If you prefer otherwise to spend a weekend in Palma de Mallorca just let us know when you’ll arrive and we will be happy to see you again.

Payment options include Cash, Bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard. sr  We offer 100%  financing  (only for residents)      

Should you have a Hotel or accomodation that you would like to offer to our clients you may apply here to include it in our webpage.

In Mallorca there is a long standing tradition in welcoming visitors from all over the world. Mallorca Medical Group has selected a variety of accommodation for you: luxury hotels, SPA resorts, self catering houses and standard hotels, all of them of an outstanding price quality. You may choose to play golf as a part of your hotel deal or to have Mediterranean see views and have a nicely prepared Mediterranean or International fusion cuisine or perhaps a helicopter trip on the Mallorca sky or a yacht trip. Should you require we can even arrange your private jet flight to get you to Mallorca and back. Mallorca counts with a great variety of high standard accommodation. We can advice you to find what best suits your needs amongst a selected number of resorts previously checked by us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice. Should you have a Hotel or accomodation that you would like to offer to our clients you may apply here to include it in our webpage.