In CelCARE we enhance your healing capacity. We help your body to heal with its own means, using an extract of your own blood in a safe environment. We have technology and friendly and prepared people willing to help you.

CelCARE belongs to Mallorca Medical Group specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery.

CelCARE was born with the aim of treating wounds in all their phases, before, during and after its healing period, to give a cutting edge alternative to the care and treatment of wounds.

Scars and treatment
Scars and treatment

Our innovative and scientifically proven treatments are intended to offer patients with wounds that heal with difficulty, an alternative through effective treatment and with the least possible damage.

Our treatment system combines the most advanced techniques with the traditional ones.

At each stage of the healing process we use different methods such as the application of autologous plasma and its components obtained from your own blood by a simple blood collection, laser phototherapy and polarized light among others.

Scars and treatment
Scars and treatment
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