LASER treatments for the stimulation and rejuvenation of your skin

We have chosen our Lasers based on safety and efficacy. The safety means that the aggression to the skin is more controlled intended to produce less secondary effects. Efficacy means that they have the power to get the desired result. Our lasers are non-ablative and ablative fractional type. The non-ablative penetrates the skin forming small microcolumns (MTZs: micoscopic thermal zones) leaving part of the skin intact where heat accumulates and biological effects occur: increased vascularization, increased nutrient supply and manufacturing stimulation of collagen thus contributes to the manufacture of new skin. Damaged skin is replaced by new skin.

Our ablative laser acts on the surface of the skin, the epidermis, removing the most superficial layers also stimulates the manufacture of collagen contributing to the manufacture of new skin.

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Terms and Conditions:

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– Stretch marks
– Acne sequelae
– Wrinkles around the eyes, crow’s feet
– Wrinkles around the mouth, barcode
– Drop of eyelids
– Eye bags
– Aging of facial skin
– Soft peel fast recovery (mild resurfacing)
– Intense peel resurfacing
– Flaccidity and wrinkles of the arms
– Sun damaged skin with spots
– Skin pores
– Transverse neck lines
– Wrinkled neckline and skin stains
– Freckles and moles
– Age spots (seborrheic or senile keratoses)
– Post- surgical scars
– Sunken scars
– Sequels of skin grafts
– Accident sequels
– Early treatment of scars after surgery
– Hipertrophic scars (sometimes called keloids)
– Melasma, skin spots
– Reaffirmation of the skin in moderately sagging areas; knees, elbows, hands , neck.

How many sessions do I need?
The usual are 2 to 5 sessions depending on the depth of the lesions. Depending up on every individual the number of sessions could be less or more.

How much time should pass between sessions?
3 to 4 weeks depending on the intensity of the treatment.

Do you see the results immediately?
Yes. The final result is perceived weeks after the last session.

How much recovery time do I need and what does it feel like?
It depends on the type of laser. In some cases it may be necessary to combine the two types of LASER for a better result. Is it compatible with other treatments (Botox, Plasma, Nanograsa …
Yes, not only is it compatible but they potentiate each other.

How many times a year do I need the treatment?
With one treatment it is enough although if you want and your skin allows it, two treatments can be done.