What does it consist of?
The HIFU system is a modern technology that is outlined as the most efficient medical aesthetic application for skin tightening and non-surgical treatment of flaccidity by ultrasound for those who are not prepared or ready for facelift surgery.

How many sessions are needed?
One yearly session

How does it feel during the treatment?
Of course, the threshold of pain is totally different according to people, but there may be some discomfort while the energy is released, but it is a momentary annoyance. Most patients do not feel pain.

How long does a session last?
It depends on the areas to be treated, but between 30 and 50 minutes is the usual time.

Is there a recovery period?
The patient can return immediately to normal life, the inflamed or reddened area returns to normal within a few hours. There is a small possibility that some purple appears or some sensitivity in the area, this is resolved in a few days.

When is the treatment noticed?
At the end of the session, the patient, male or female, notes 20% of the overall result of the treatment. It is at 4-6 months when the total result of the treatment is appreciated in the form of general reaffirmation of the treated areas thanks to the increase of collagen and elastin at the level of the dermis.


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