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Have you been waiting too long for your treatment and you wish to sort yourself out immediately?
Did you know that you must be allowed to have treatment abroad if you cannot have the same treatment on the NHS within a medically acceptable period?
Did you know that you can have your treatment with us and be paid for it by the NHS?
Within 24h will let you know if we have your treatment available the date to have it done and a quote for the treatment plan.

How do I know I will be paid for my treatment beforehand?

The best option is to ask you NHS European Cross Border Healthcare Team. on 0191 218 1999 , or

Or by ordinary mail to:
European Cross Border Healthcare Team
NHS England Fosse House,
6 Smith Way Grove Park,
Enderby Leicester,
LE19 1SX Or email:

1. You will be asked to fill in this NHS application form with as many details as you can. Follow the EU Directive application route within the application form so you can be treated privately abroad.
2. You may need a treatment plan and a quote from us.
3. Please let us know on this email: .

Are you Eligible for paid treatment in Mallorca?

• You must be ordinarily resident in the UK
• Medical report either form our Consultants from your consultant or your GP
• Your treatment must be available under the NHS
• Reimbursement will be limited to the cost of the same treatment under the NHS

Let us help you:

Please fill in in this medical form and explain to us your case.
It is likely that to complete this form we will have to make an assessment of your case. Don´t you worry, this is basically a medical assessment that can complete with your previous clinical data. You may also request your GP to liaise with us.
It is always important to talk to you GP in order to inform him/her and prepare future aftercare.
Once you have sent your application form to your European Cross Border Healthcare Team, you will have an answer within 20 days about the possibility of financing.

How do I pay for my treatment?

Once you have had the agreement form the NHS European Cross Border Healthcare Team, then we will arrange for your date of treatment at your convenience.
We kindly request a booking fee of 10% of your treatment costs in order to fix a date for you. Then 3 days before your treatment we will expect to have the payment is full. Bear in mind that international transactions may take up to 4 to 5 days. We strongly recommend you to make your payment from your own home to avoid unexpected surprises on your arrival. However we have credit card facilities (VISA/ MASTERCARD) an extra 5% handling fees are applied.

When Will I be reimbursed?

Once you return home you need to send the NHSapplication form that you sent while you were preparing your treatment and your bills to and within 30 days you should be reimbursed.

What will not be funded?

• Your traveling and accommodation expenses .Should your treatment required hospital stay this will be covered in the terms agreed for the duration of the treatment.
• Your companions during your trip and stay.
• For a treatment that is not available in the NHS

Travel insurance

We recommend you get your European Health Insurance card EHIC (European Blue Card) before you come for treatment. This will cover you for unexpected complications. Also a regular Travel insurance will cover other medical costs that the EHIC will not, such as paying for your return journey if illness delays you, or covering your personal contributions towards treatment.

What treatments do we provide?

We have a multidisciplinary board of consultants of different specialties such us Orthopaedics, Plastic surgery and Urology.

Plastic surgery procedures with possible NHS reimbursement:

Cosmetic Sugery under the NHS
• breast implants to treat severe underdevelopment or asymmetry (lopsidedness)
• breast reduction to treat back pain or shoulder pain
• nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) to treat breathing problems
• tummy tucks to remove excess fat or skin after essential abdominal surgery
• eyelid reduction to treat affected vision
• Ear Surgery only for children with a psicological assessment

Breast Surgery
Breast Reconstruction
Breast Augmentation (Poland syndrome)
Breast Reduction
Gynecomastia Surgery (male breast reduction)

Skin Cancer Removal and reconstruction
Basal Cell carcinoma
Squamous cell carcinoma

Tissue Expansion

Scar Revision

Hand Surgery
Hand tumours
Carpal tunnel síndrome
Trigger finger
Tendon reconstruction

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