Our 8 P principles

The Mallorca Medical Group concept intends to be the modern way of understanding health care for people in Europe. We believe we offer you, as European citizens, the best chance to sort out your health issues.

Our “8 P” Principles are:

  • Prompt treatment: we offer you the possibility of no longer suffering the long waiting lists of your country.
  • Possibility to choose: we offer you the right to choose the best quality hospitals and accommodation for a given budget.
  • Proximity: we offer a door-to-door treatment due to the short distance between your home and Mallorca  and the readily available low cost flights, sometimes cheaper and easier than travelling in your own country.
  • Professionalism: we offer you the best professional resources and experienced doctors.
  • Privacy: Everyone deserves to be treated confidentially. It is easier for you to keep your intimacy in Mallorca.
  • Physician: We select well trained and dedicated doctors for your safety.
  • Get the advantage of your exchange rate and the reasonable pricing for all our surgical and non-surgical treatments.
  • Step by Step: you will only have bring travel bag. We´ll do the rest.

If your place of residence is in the British Islands,Continental Europe or the mainland of Spain, Mallorca Medical Group offers you the BEST CHOICE for all your medical treatments: Our strategic geographical location in Mallorca gives you, without hesitation, the best ,the safest ,and most affordable treatment.

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