Buttock Augmentation

Anesthesia General
Duration 2-3 hrs.
Hospitalization 1 night
Postoperative needs Compressive garment
Results Immediately noticeable. Settles within 1 year.
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Buttock Augmentation

The absence of volume in the gluteal region can be congenital or acquired. In the latter case, the most common cause is extreme thinning attacks. In any case, the treatment of a lack of volume in the buttocks is carried out by adding it.

The treatment of a volume defect in the buttocks is surgical.

There are two different surgical procedures to perform a volume increase in the buttocks area. This volume can be provided by a gluteal prosthesis or by injecting the patient’s own fat.

  • Buttock augmentation with silicone implant: an incision is made in the intergluteal fold and the gluteal prostheses are inserted either subcutaneously or intramuscularly.
  • Buttock augmentation with own fat grafting: in the case of opting for buttock augmentation using own fat, liposuction must be performed beforehand, the fat treated and then injected into the subcutaneous tissue.

In this case, intramuscular fat injection is not recommended.
We enrich the fat with PRP, growth factors to stimulate its integration and facilitate its permanence

The postoperative period in both cases is similar and consists of maintaining a compressive girdle in the region of the buttocks.
In addition, in the case of liposuction, the liposuctioned area must be compressed.

Our buttocks augmentation incorporates treatment for scars during the intervention using growth factors
We also offer the possibility of applying a laser treatment to the scars one week and one month after the intervention.

The combination of these two treatments improves the quality and healing time of scars.

We carry out this intervention in Palma de Mallorca.

The price of the intervention is delivered after consulting with Dr. García Ceballos.

During the consultation you will be able to see before and after photos of cases similar to yours.

If you travel or consult us from anywhere in Spain, UK or Europe you can request your telematic consultation via Skype.

It is convenient to put yourself in the hands of a specialist in Plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to carry out this type of intervention.

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Frequently asked questions

Surgery with gluteal implants usually produces an artificial effect on the buttock, which, although in the dressed state produces a normal appearance, when naked it can lead to an abnormal visualization of the contour of the buttock.
In contrast, fat grafting on the buttocks, also called BBL (Brazilian buttock lift), produces more natural and homogeneous effects on the buttocks.

Even so, there are indications for both depending on the type of patient. For example, a patient who wanted buttock augmentation and did not have fat deposits to use as a graft would be a candidate for buttock augmentation using implants.
On the other hand, that person who has enough fatty deposits and could be a better candidate for performing a Fat Lipograft on the buttocks.

After performing a buttock augmentation you should avoid leaning on the buttocks for at least 15 days. This is the biggest drawback in terms of the recovery period for an increase in the volume of the buttocks, either by prosthesis or by fat grafting.
For the rest, life should go on normally except for intense exercise during the first month.

Not during the first 15 days. Sitting for that period of time can cause a loss of volume or mobility of the implants, depending on the procedure chosen for buttock augmentation.

The price of a buttock augmentation ranges between €7,000 and €14,000

In principle, the buttock augmentation intervention is for life. Despite this, if the intervention performed is through implants, these can cause some complication that could lead to a reintervention. Likewise, performing a buttocks lipofilling can be repeated in the future if the patient wishes to increase the volume of the buttocks.

Yes, fat gain in the buttocks is permanent. It is possible that after the injection of the lipofilling, a slight loss of volume may occur, although the residual volume is permanent and will vary according to your weight changes.

The amount of fat needed to perform a minimal buttock augmentation could range from 200 to 300 ml of fat per buttock. These are estimated figures since each patient has limited fat deposits and buttocks with different capacity.

Variables you can control to improve the outcome of your buttock fat grafting include choosing a competent surgeon who will offer you a proper technique. In the postoperative period, traumatizing the area should be avoided to prevent the loss of the grafted cells during the first 15 days.

If there are no problems, gluteal prostheses are for life. Despite this, prostheses can cause complications that could lead to a new intervention.

Breakage of the gluteal prosthesis due to trauma is highly unlikely. Over time, the coverage of the implant can deteriorate due to chemical interaction with the organic elements of your body.

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